Application for Print and Patron Account

This form will create a patron barcode and printing account for entering 1L students.

All fields with an asterisk (*) MUST be completed.

By filling out this form you agree that:

I am enrolled at the University of Mississippi School of Law. I understand that I should keep my user name and password confidential. I also understand that I must log out of a computer when I am finished with my session, otherwise, another person could access my account. I understand that the University of Mississippi School of Law is not responsible for any lost credit from my printing account if I do not log out correctly or if I fail to keep my user name and password confidential.

You must have a valid Ole Miss ID before this form can be completed.
The library gives every student $10 credit each year.
Printing costs $.10 per page. The Law Library reserves the right to change this amount if needed.
Printing account balances carryover throughout law school, but will be deleted upon graduation.

Please insert your full name as it appears on your Ole Miss Student ID
Please enter your eight digit (8) Ole Miss student identification number. DO NOT include the zero (0) at the beginning of you ID number. This is *NOT* your social security number.
Please enter your 14 digit barcode. This is the number located under the barcode on the right side of the student I.D.
Please enter your permanent street address.
Please enter a secondary phone where you can be reached.
Please enter your local street address if it is different from the permanent address you entered above.
Please enter your state if different from the permanent one you listed above.
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