What is CALI?

The CALI Library of Lessons is a collection of over one thousand interactive, computer-based lessons covering 40 legal education subject areas. The lessons are designed to augment traditional law school instruction and are sometimes assigned as supplemental study material or integrated with other course materials. The descriptions contained in the catalog provide information about the specific legal issues presented in each exercise and offer suggestions for effective use. The lessons are written by law faculty and librarians and are regularly reviewed and revised.

What are CALI lessons like? The format of the individual lessons varies according to the educational objectives of the author. Some authors use the setting of a simulated trial to provide students with an opportunity to test their understanding of an area of law. Other lessons drill students through a series of questions requiring them to identify relevant issues and apply recently learned concepts. You select from multiple choice answers. If your answer is not the best choice, CALI will explain why. At the end of the exercise, CALI usually provides your score which you can print.

How can I use CALI? CALI exercises are available on all computers in the Law Library computer labs and via access on the Internet at CALI's homepage.

To access the lessons on your home computer, your computer must have a web browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. Browse to the CALI homepage. If you have previously registered, please enter your user name and password.

If you have not previously registered, you must have the CALI access code for students or faculty for the University of Mississippi. To obtain the access code please call (662) 915-6812 or contact Christopher Noe via email. Once you have the access code, you can register online. The CALI Catalog organizes the lessons in several ways and offers a search feature for students to find lessons by subject or keyword. What Subject Areas does CALI have lessons for? Lesson Subject Areas include the following:

Administrative Law
Commercial Transactions
Environmental Law
Federal Courts
Labor Law
Property Law
Securities Regulation
Trial Advocacy
Constitutional Law
Criminal Law
Insurance Law
Legal Research and Writing
Real Estate
Wills and Trusts
Civil Procedure
Employment Discrimination
Examination Skills
Intellectual Property
Professional Responsibility

  • Further questions might be addressed at the CALI FAQ or by contacting a Reference Librarian at (662) 915-6812.