CCH Intelliconnect

CCH Intelliconnect (formerly CCH Tax Research Network)

This is a searchable full-text database covering numerous federal and state tax materials.

Creating a personal account:

When you log in to IntelliConnect for the first time, you will need to create a User ID and password. Click on the link “Click this link to create a User ID” under the “New User?” prompt on the right of the screen. Once you fill in the subsequent information, you will receive an email confirmation. Simply use your User ID and password to enter the database.

Grisham Law Library’s subscription covers the following:

  • Tax News, Journals and Newsletters
  • Federal Tax materials
  • State Tax materials
  • International Tax
  • Accounting and Audit materials
  • Financial and Estate Planning materials
  • Various tools and SmartCharts

Tax News, Journals and Newsletters

  • Contains daily news services, newsletters and authoritative journals covering issues related to federal, state, and international taxation as well as news items related to accounting, audit, financial and estate planning

Use these materials