Finding Articles

Mississippi Law Journal

Here you will find links to online databases and indexes containing full text, abstracts, or citations to law related articles in journals, magazines, and similar publications.
Articles published in scholarly journals, such as law journals or law reviews, tend to be longer and more theoretical. They are typically heavily footnoted. Articles in practice oriented publications, such as bar journals or legal newspapers, tend to be shorter and more practical. They are typically lightly footnoted.

Some of these databases are full-text, which means they provide access to the complete articles. Examples of full-text databases include Hein Online and the articles databases in Lexis and Westlaw. On the other hand, some of these databases contain only citations or abstracts (brief summaries) of articles. Examples include Index to Legal Periodicals Retrospective and LegalTrac. If you find a citation in one of these databases, you will have to look up the title of the journal in the library’s catalog [link here] to find out if it is available in our library. You can also check one or more of the full-text databases to see if they include that journal.

Each of these databases covers a different range of dates and a different list of journals or magazines. Some of the full-text databases provide actual images of the pages from the print version, while some do not. Check the individual database descriptions for more information.
Many additional databases are available from the university’s main library, the J. D. Williams Library.